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Monday - Science

Task 1

Do you agree with this statement.  The colour of a rock is a good clue that helps to identify it.  Present your response in any way.  The picture below is to help

Task 2
Magnets have a type of pole.  Explain how you think this is right.  Find your own evidence to back up your decision.  Share the outside influence
Task 3
Demonstrate the relationship between the height of a light source and the object that is causing the shadow.  Provide a visual alternative to make the case
Task 4
Suggest reasons why whales and dolphins can communicate over long distances.  Decide what sound does and how we hear
Task 5
Everything on Earth conducts or doesn't conduct electricity.  Visually show if you think this statement is right
Task 6
Select a way to provide evidence for them.  Vocalise what you did
Task 7
Go back through detail in science.  Produce in any format you want