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Food Science

We are going to be learning all about food science and how to carry out some fun experiments in your kitchen! 


Have a look through the experiments attached. There are also some videos below to give you some more great ideas of some experiments that you can have a go at.

5 Mind-blowing Food Science Experiments To Do At Kitchen | Kids Science

You should not play with food, but you must do these mind-blowing experiments with it to discover electricity in lemon, metal in corn flakes and much more.

Fascinating Oil & Water Science Experiment for Kids

It's just mesmerising to watch how colour patterns formed in this experiment.

Baking Soda Volcano Experiment

https://mocomi.com/ presents: Baking Soda Volcano Science Experiment Baking soda volcano using baking soda and vinegar. REQUIREMENTS:- Bicarbonate of Soda (B...

You Are What You Eat!

Join Jessi and Squeaks as they prepare a special meal for friends. You'll learn some fun food science facts!

Complete your experiment. See if you can it write up. Don’t forget to include:

1. A Title

2. Subheadings

3. Equipment– write a list of what you will need 

4. Method– write instructions to explain what you are going to do (remember your bossy verbs!)

5. Prediction– what do you think will happen?

6. Outcome– was your prediction correct? Why/ why not?


Once you have completed your experiment, think about some questions that you might want to find out. Perhaps you could carry out your own research to find out the answers!

There are a few examples listed below:

- Why does an orange float when it has not been peeled?

- Why can I make patterns out of skittles when they are in water?

- Why does pasta and rice get bigger when I add it to water?