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Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Science Project - grow your own vegetable


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could re-grow the vegetable’s that we already have in our fridges? Not only would we save money as we wouldn’t need to buy these items in our weekly shop, we are also leaving more in the supermarkets for others. What a great way to stay healthy!


This is a great example of our school value of ‘caring, sharing and learning together’, which is more important than ever! 


This week, your project is to become an indoor gardener and carry out your very own experiment to see if you can regrow the vegetables your fridge. Follow the instructions to have a go! We have given you three challenges to choose from… don’t forget to have a go at the padlock challenge once you have finished!


Bronze Challenge: Choose one item that you would like to regrow and write out a prediction of what you think will happen to the vegetable after a few days/ 1 week?


Silver Challenge: Choose two items that you would like to regrow and write out a prediction of what you think will happen to the vegetables after after a few days/ 1 week? Do you think that the vegetables will grow at the same rate? Why/ why not?


Gold Challenge: Complete the silver challenge and then have a go at writing up your experiment. Remember to include the following sections:


1. Title

2. Subheadings

3. Equipment– write a list of what you will need 

4. Method– write instructions to explain what you are going to do (remember your bossy verbs!)

5. Prediction– what do you think will happen over time? Do you think the weather will affect the growth? Why?

6. Outcome– was your prediction correct? Why/ why not?


Padlock Challenge: Once you have completed your chosen challenge have a go at this: 

Explain what you would do differently next time. Was your experiment a success? What could you have done better to help your vegetable grow?


(Perhaps you could even have a go at writing a daily diary of what you have done and your observations of the vegetable. Good luck!) 



Grow Your Own PowerPoint