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Weather and The Climate

We are going to be learning all about weather and the climate. For this activity, you are going to pretend that you are a meteorologist. This is a name for a person who studies the weather (see if you can look up this word in the dictionary).


Have a look through the presentations and videos to learn more about this topic. There are lots of resources attached, including an experiment, but you can also carry out your own research too. Think about some fun facts that you might want to find out. Here are a few questions that you might want to think about: 


How do clouds form?

Why is it important that we have rain?

Why is it important that we have sunshine?

What causes thunder and lightening? 

Why can you see your breath when it is cold outside?

Why do we get snow?

Be a Weather Watcher

Learn about different types of weather and how to keep track of your weather observations!

What Are Clouds Made Of?

Clouds can look like castles made of cotton candy, or they can be thin and wispy. But have you ever wondered what clouds actually are?

How Do We Know When It Will Rain?

Have you ever seen a weather report on TV and wondered how they can tell when it's going to rain days before it happens?

I Want To Be a Meteorologist - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

Clare wants to be a meteorologist. She imagines what it would be like to have her own weather station where she knows all about the weather.

Deserts 101 | National Geographic

Deserts are diverse ecosystems that occur on all seven continents. Learn about the four major types of deserts.

Rainforests 101 | National Geographic

Rainforests are home to over half of the world's plant and animal species. Learn about tropical and temperate rainforests.

Once you have done some research, choose one of the tasks below to complete:


  1. Have a look at the weather report over the next 5 days. Imagine that it is your job to report the weather on the news. Write a script to explain what we should expect. Is this good/ bad, why/ why not? 


  1. Pick any country in the world. Carry out some research to find out what their weather and climate is. Design a poster to tell us what you have found out. 


  1. Watch the video 'be a weather watcher’. Create your own diary to log the weather over the next week.


  1. Complete one of the worksheets attached.


  1. Complete the cloud experiment. See if you can write up your experiment. Don’t forget to include:

1. A Title

2. Subheadings

3. Equipment– write a list of what you will need 

4. Method– write instructions to explain what you are going to do (remember your bossy verbs!)

5. Prediction– what do you think will happen?

6. Outcome– was your prediction correct? Why/ why not?