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Wizard Hat

Lesson 1 - Anything 

Warm up Activity - Wizards Hat


1. Come up with a way of making an interesting sound using your voice. At school each child tries to make the same sound as the other children in their group. At home see if an adult or sibling can make your sound and then their own.


2. Now look at the wizard’s hat. The wizard’s hat is split into various coloured sections, and each section represents one of our sounds. For example, the top blue section could represent your sound, the pink section one layer down could represent child2/brother and so on. However there is one section, the base layer in white that represents no one/silence.


3. When you point to a coloured section of the wizard’s hat, the child/person that colour represents can make their vocal sound, everyone else must remain silent.


4. As you become more familiar with this, try pointing to more than one section at a time. Remember that the white section at the bottom means nobody plays, therefore should provide silence! 

Try out 'Bring The Noise' again this week...