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Spring Term 2024

English Homework - due by 01.03.24 


This term in our English lessons we are focussing on performance poetry. We have already looked at some examples of free verse poems in our lessons this week and even started to generate ideas around a mealtime for our own poems.


For this week's homework task, we would like children to think about some things they may want to put inside the magic box (see 'The Magic Box Planning Sheet' worksheet) and create a poem about their magic box - please refer to 'The Magic Box Example Poem' for ideas regarding the general structure. 

Half Term English Homework- 09.02.24

We hope that lots of you will be enjoying some pancakes on Tuesday in half term- but do you know the meaning behind the day we call 'Shrove Tuesday?' Below is a differentiated comprehension for you to choose (1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars) to read and understand all about the day with some questions to answer.

English Homework- 02.02.24 to be uploaded to dojo by 09.02.24

This week in Owl Class we have been looking at how to use speech correctly in our story writing. There are a few points that the children have worked through to remember when writing their own sentences. These include:


The first word that is being said must start with a capital letter

When the speech is finished, it must have punctuation at the end

The first set of speech marks go before the first word that is said

The second ones go after the punctuation at the end of what is being said


We have also explained to the children that inverted commas and speech marks serve the same purpose, we have been using " " instead of ' '


Below are some activities to support the children's understanding of speech. Please choose the one they feel they would be most confident with. Bronze is more spotting the mistakes, rather than writing speech out themselves. They can have it read to them to spot the errors for support if needed. I have also attached a helpful picture prompt to remind them of the points above.

English Homework 26.01.24- to be uploaded to dojo by 02.02.24

This week, we have been continuing to add details to our story map to be able to tell the story from memory. 

As part of our training to become mental health champions, I would like the children to design their own mental health champion superhero. They can design and draw their own character, give them a name and write 5 super powers that their hero is exceptionally good at. Ideas could include:


Spreading kindness

Being a great listener

Giving positive words of encouragement 


or any others that the children can think of!


I would love for you to draw your own superheroes, but if you need some support, there are some templates below that you can use. I really look forward to seeing your designs uploaded to dojo!

English Homework 19.01.24- to be uploaded to Dojo by 26.01.24


This week, the children have started to learn the story of 'Nail Soup' They have learned some actions for different words in the story to help them rehearse and learn it off by heart.


This week we would like them to have a go at performing the story at home to an adult. Below, is the story and the action bank for their reference (although some of the children are already familiar with the sequence of the story!) You are welcome to either read the story to them whilst they show you the actions, or they can read the story themselves and include the actions whilst they read!


We have been watching 'Miss Davies' an expert teacher performing the story with the actions which I have attached below for the children to watch as some inspiration first.


Please can you record the children performing part or all of the story and upload it onto dojo. I look forward to seeing their performances!

English Homework to by uploaded to Dojo by 19.01.24


In English this term we are focusing on 'Story Writing'. We have started this week by identifying the features of stories (e.g: beginning, middle and ending, dialogue, the dilemma or problem and the resolution). To ensure children understand the features independently, this weeks homework task will require children to choose a story of their choice and tick on the checklist where they have found the feature. Some examples of adventure stories they can use are below, or the children are welcome to choose their own adventure story they have read or are reading. 


They may use different colurs for the checklist and underline where they find the feature. If they are using their own book they can jot down some examples of the features thay have found on the checklist in the 'evidence' box below the checklist.

Story Checklist - Due By 19.01.24

Thank you for all your support with the children’s learning this term, we have already seen some wonderful progress! We really value the importance of spending quality time with families over the coming weeks and the children most certainly deserve a break!


Therefore there will be no homework set for the holidays.


If you’d like to share anything special you get up to, please feel free to upload any photos to dojo for us. We will be having a break too but would love to see them when we return in the new year.


Merry Christmas- have a wonderful break from all of Team Inspire

English Homework - Due by 15.12.23


For this week's English homework could we please ask children to complete one of the Christmas comprehension tasks. 

1 star activity - Bronze. 

2 star activity - Silver. 

3 star activity - Gold. 

Please upload to ClassDojo when complete. 


Christmas Comprehension - 1, 2, and 3 Star Activities

English Homework 01.12.23- to be uploaded to dojo by 08.12.23


As today marks the start of advent (and I am sure the children will be tucking into their advent calendars...!) below is a comprehension activity all about Advent and the meaning behind it. On the document the texts are differentiated by the stars at the bottom of the page:


Bronze= 1 star

Silver= 2 stars

Gold= 3 stars


The answers are also included for the children to self mark and discuss any of their errors with an adult

English Homework 24.11.23- to be uploaded to dojo by 01.12.23


The children have been working really hard on designing their Christmas themed board games ready to create next week and write a set of instructions for. To follow up on their recent learning of mummification in history and all of their instruction work in English, we are tasking the children to create a paper model of an Ancient Egyptian coffin. We will provide the children with a printed net of the coffin to build following the instructions below. We would love to see your finished models once you have followed the instructions correctly! You are more than welcome to have help from an adult as the instruction list is fairly long! Miss Kaur and I will have a go at making one too...!

English Homework Due On Dojo By 24.11.23


For this weeks English homework we would like children to complete a comprehension activity. The children are familar with these types of tasks. Once finished, parents can check their child's work against the answers. This activity is split into Bronze, Silver and Gold. At the bottom of each page there is a star - 1 star refers to Bronze activites, 2 stars refers to Silver activities, and 3 stars refers to Gold activites. Please choose the activity your child wishes to complete and upload to Dojo by the due date. 

English Homework - Due by 24.11.23

English Homework - To Be Uploaded To Class Dojo By 17.11.23

Over the past week in English, we have been focusing on the features of instruction writing where children have been asked to identify adverbs, time conjunctions and prepositions. For this week's homework task we would like children to continue to identify adverbs to consolidate their understanding. 

Please choose from one of the tasks below. 

English Homework - To Be Uploaded To Class Dojo By 10.11.23

This half term we are focusing on 'Instruction Writing'. In class we have already identified some features of instructions. For this week's homework task, we would like children to find instructions around the house (these could be a board game, a cookbook, lego making instructions etc). Once they have found a set of instructions we would like for them to identify the features of instructions. For example, equipment list, title, numbered steps, steps in chronological order, imperative (bossy) verbs etc. As an extended task, children could send in their photos having followed the instructions e.g: a picture of them playing a game or making a recipe. 


Half term homework:

Please see the extended task set last week.  If you would like to enter your child's poem into the competition, please see the details on the link below:



To enter the competition, all you have to do is submit your poem here by the deadline of 15th November 2023.

Friday 13th October 2023

Extended homework task – please upload to dojo by Friday 27th October 2023

In recognition of Black History Month during October and our Term one writing focus on poetry, we are setting an extended whole school homework to write a poem in celebration of black women and if wished, to enter the poem into the national competition.

The competition is open to all primary, secondary, college, and university students across the UK, as well as members of the public who want to join in. Parents are welcome to complete the homework too and enter!  The aim is to recognise the significant impact of black women in a range of areas, while inspiring and empowering future generations.


The children attended a virtual assembly on Tuesday to introduce them to Black History Month and each class also has a focus book to read and explore.  Children can write a poem about a pioneering black woman who has made an impact in their chosen field, explaining why she is an inspiration to them. The poems don’t have to be about famous people; they can be about members of their family, women who have inspired them in their community, or even about themselves and their experiences as a woman or young person. The aim is to get creative and have fun with it! They may wish to write a poem in the style they have been learning about in school, or create one in the style of their choice. 


Please see the link below for further information on how to enter the competition. Entering is optional but please upload your child’s poems to dojo as usual for homework.  We would also love to see the poems brought into school to display and share in class.  Please note, submitting the poem for the competition is the responsibility of parents rather than the school.



Friday 6th October- to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 13th October


In our Geography work this term, we have been exploring our local area, where it is located in the county, country and now within the continent of Europe. We spent some time this week identifying different countries in Europe using an atlas.


For their writing homework this week, we would like the children to research some simple facts about Europe. You are welcome to use your own resources or explore any of the links below. We have also attached a prompt sheet of facts they could research. It would be lovely to share and celebrate any friends or family that you have that live in European countries and include this in their research findings.


We are not setting challenges for this task. The children can be creative in how they share their information by writing (or typing) some sentences, pictures with captions or record them verbally sharing some of their research- play to their strengths! 


We look forward to seeing what the children find out...

Friday 29th September - To Be Uploaded To Dojo By Friday 6th October


In English this week, we have been learning how to uplevel our sentences by adding adjectives to describe a noun (noun phrase). We also began to look at how we can further improve these noun phrases - by adding two adjectives to describe the noun (expanded noun phrase). 

This weeks homework is to create expanded noun phrases using the worksheet attached. 

Bronze - a broken down example has been provided as to how the expanded noun phrase has been created, please refer to this. 

Silver/Gold - use the pictures to create an expanded noun phrase of your choice. Ensure you separate the adjectives with a comma. To challenge yourself you may want to consider adding a similie to compare your noun (the picture). 


Friday 22nd September- to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 29th September


This week in Owl class we have been learning how to perform poetry. For this week’s homework task we would like you to perform a poem of your choice or one of the poems below using the tips we have learnt about in class (to remind yourself of these please see the YouTube video linked below).

We would like to see the poems performed in a clear, loud voice using appropriate expression. Please think about the theme of the poem and consider which tone of voice to use to present this. 

Please upload a video of your performance on Dojo for us to see.

Friday 15th September 2023 - Please upload to dojo by Friday 22nd September 2023


This week the children have been introduced to Haiku poetry. They have been learning about the syllable pattern that the short poem follows. There are 3 lines and the syllable pattern is 5, 7, 5. Below is a link to a short video clip that explains them in more detail.


For this week's homework, we would like the children to choose 10 things in the house and write them down. with an adult, they are going to clap out the syllables and separate the word into the different syllables and write the total:


microwave- mi/cro/wave = 3

television- tel/e/vi/sion = 4


As an extra challenge- can they write a simple haiku using objects that have listed in their house by following the syllable pattern of 5/7/5?



microwave turning (5)

loud television blaring (7)

must be dinner time! (5)


Please upload your list of words in syllables and any extra challenges you do for Miss Kaur and I to have a look at.