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Spring Term

Friday 9th February 2024 - Due in Friday 23rd February 2024


Use everything you know about the potential risks and hazards of life online and create an award-winning Safer Internet Day poster. Make it stand out to catch other people’s attention and help them learn more about how to stay safe online.  Please go through the fact file before you make your version.

Friday 2nd February 2024 - Due in Friday 9th February 2024


We have been writing out hot tasks and our version of Little Red Riding Hood.  Please choose a challenge about punctuation.  We have spoken to the children about checking their work for accuracy.

Friday 26th January 2024 - Due in Friday 2nd February 2024


Please choose a challenge and have a go at possessive apostrophes.  Think about where you need to include these in your work.


Friday 19th January 2024 - please upload to dojo by Friday 26th January

We explored fronted adverbials using our Little Red Riding Hood text earlier this week.  For homework, we would like the children to have further practice spotting/using these.  

Fronted adverbials are are a word, phrase or clause at the beginning of a sentence that gives more details about the time, place, frequency, possibility or manner of the action in the main clause.

For a further explanation, please click on the BBC Bitesize link below.

Please select a challenge level to complete on the document below (*/**/*** = Bronze / Silver / Gold) 


Friday 12th January - Due in on Friday 19th January 2024


This week we have been looking at our story map and making actions to go with them.  With your story map from last week come up with actions and retell your story.  Please upload a video of your child with your story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Friday 5th January 2024 - Due in Friday 12th January 2024


This term we have started looking at narrative texts and we will be looking at Little Red Riding Hood.  This week you will be producing your own comic strip about the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


You can use the attached comic strip to help you or please make your own if you want.


Make your comic strip fun, colourful and bold!

Autumn Term:

Thank you for all your support with the children’s learning this term, we have already seen some wonderful progress! We really value the importance of spending quality time with families over the coming weeks and the children most certainly deserve a break! Therefore there will be no homework set for the holidays. If you’d like to share anything special you get up to, please feel free to upload any photos to dojo for us. We will be having a break too but would love to see them when we return in the new year. Merry Christmas- have a wonderful break from all of Team Inspire

Friday 8th December 2023 - Due in on Friday 15th December 2023

This week we would like you to choose an advent comprehension to answer.  You will see that 1 star is Bronze, 2 star is Silver and 3 star is Gold.

Friday 1st December 2023 - Due in on Friday 8th December 2023


For this week we would like you to use the time to practise your lines for the play and rehearse them.  You can then look at the delivery of your lines and how your drama skills can entertain the audience.

Friday 24th November - to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 1st December 2023


It's time for the children to practise their reading comprehension skills again this week.  The text to answer questions on is all about the Bronze Age which we learnt about in history this week so will also further their understanding on the topic. The children do need to ensure they answer in full sentences and include full stops and capital letters too! Where appropriate, they should be encouraged to answer in a way that someone would know what the question was they were being asked.  For example:

Q1 Where is Stonehenge?

Answer: Stonehenge is in the south of England, in Wiltshire.


Please select the appropriate challenge level from the document below:

* = Bronze

** = Silver

*** = Gold

The answers are included so that you can provide immediate feedback to your child on their answers. 

Friday 17th November - to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 24th November 2023

This week we would like the children to spend 20-30 minutes completing the instruction themed tasks below. There are two short, 60 second read comprehensions and then a task of simplifying instructions to make them clearer for a person to follow. Children can select and complete as much as they can in the time frame.

Friday 10th November – to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 17th November 2023

Read again the whole of ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ using the Youtube link below. Have a think about why the task of cleaning a woolly mammoth is so difficult, according to the text. How achievable would this task have been with a real woolly mammoth?!

As a link to our learning about the Stone Age, you are going to find out some facts about mammoths to add to the list of reasons that washing one may be a big challenge. Have a look at the webpage below for some information.

Also take a look at the alternative fact pages attached below.

You need to read the texts and look out for information supporting the idea that washing a woolly mammoth might be challenging.

Record some facts about this animal that lived during the Stone Age on the attached sheet – or as list of your own.

Friday 3rd November – to be uploaded to dojo by Friday 10th November

We have started learning about instruction writing this week.  Instruction texts should include the following:


For homework, please choose from the following challenges below using the attached document.

BRONZE – Cut out the matching photos and instructions and stick them back into the correct order (Hint: use the time connectives as clues to help with ordering)! Choose ONE of the features from the list above to add to your page to improve the instructions further. 


SILVER - Cut out the matching photos and instructions and stick them back into the correct order (Hint: use the time connectives as clues to help with ordering)! Choose THREE of the features from the list above to add to your page to improve the instructions further. 


GOLD - Cut out the matching photos and instructions and stick them back into the correct order (Hint: use the time connectives as clues to help with ordering)! Use as many of the features from the list above as you can to add to your page to improve the instructions even further. 


ALL - Finally, have a go at following the instructions and making the craft!

Half term homework:

Please see the extended task set last week.  If you would like to enter your child's poem into the competition, please see the details on the link below:



To enter the competition, all you have to do is submit your poem here by the deadline of 15th November 2023.

Friday 13th October 2023

Extended homework task – please upload to dojo by Friday 27th October 2023

In recognition of Black History Month during October and our Term one writing focus on poetry, we are setting an extended whole school homework to write a poem in celebration of black women and if wished, to enter the poem into the national competition.

The competition is open to all primary, secondary, college, and university students across the UK, as well as members of the public who want to join in. Parents are welcome to complete the homework too and enter!  The aim is to recognise the significant impact of black women in a range of areas, while inspiring and empowering future generations.


The children attended a virtual assembly on Tuesday to introduce them to Black History Month and each class also has a focus book to read and explore.  Children can write a poem about a pioneering black woman who has made an impact in their chosen field, explaining why she is an inspiration to them. The poems don’t have to be about famous people; they can be about members of their family, women who have inspired them in their community, or even about themselves and their experiences as a woman or young person. The aim is to get creative and have fun with it! They may wish to write a poem in the style they have been learning about in school, or create one in the style of their choice. 


Please see the link below for further information on how to enter the competition. Entering is optional but please upload your child’s poems to dojo as usual for homework.  We would also love to see the poems brought into school to display and share in class.  Please note, submitting the poem for the competition is the responsibility of parents rather than the school.



Friday 6th October 2023 - please upload to dojo by Friday 13th 2023

To reinforce learning in our geography topic this term about transportation, I would like the children to select a challenge level of the reading comprehension below to complete. The focus is the history of transport.  Children should remember to answer in full sentences where appropriate and be encouraged to underline the key information in the text to support their answers. 

* = Bronze

** = Silver

*** = Gold

Friday 29th September 2023 – please upload to dojo by Friday 6th October 2023

We have been thinking about poetry performances in our English lessons this week. For homework, I would like you to record yourself reciting / performing a poem of your choice.  See the steps below.


First, listen to and watch Joseph Coelho explain how techniques used to enhance the performance of poetry, such as intonation, tone, tempo, and volume, can help to develop meaning for the listener. Click on the link below to watch the clip 


Next, choose a poem.  This could be a list poem or kenning from the ones below that we have used in class, a favourite poem you have at home or one of the poems you have written over the last couple of weeks for homework.


Then, practise reciting/performing the poem, using tips form the video clip and including actions if you would like to. Also decide the location for your performance – maybe it could be linked to the content of your poem.

Finally, ask an adult to record your performance and upload it to dojo.  If you are happy to, we can share the videos in school with the class!

Friday 15th September 2023 - Please upload to dojo by Friday 22nd September 2023


In our English lessons we have introduced list poems.  We have read some examples and created a poem as a group, as well as written our own one called 'Things Found in my Bedroom'. Each challenge level below contains an example poem and then a task to write a 'Ten things....' poem, with some suggestions.   

Friday 22nd September 2023 - Please upload to dojo by Friday 29th September 2023


I have really enjoyed reading the children's list poems this week!

We have learnt about Kennings this week which are a specific type of list poem using a combination of nouns and verbs in a particular format. Here is an example of a Kenning we looked at as one of several for which they had to guess what was being described: 


    Woodland racer

Acorn chaser


    Tree shaker

    Acorn taker


    Nut cracker

    Acorn snacker


    Sky rider

    Acorn hider


    Winter snoozer

    Acorn loser


    Spring reminder

    Acorn finder.


           Celia Warren

(The Squirrel)


I would like the children to have a go at writing their own kenning this week about themselves or a family member.  The information attached below will give them some ideas and a suggestion of number of lines depending on challenge level.