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We are going to be learning all about famous inventions and the people who came up with these ideas! Human history is full of inventions. It starts back from the Dark Age, where humans first learned how to make fire and then they started to make instruments to make their daily tasks easier such as hunting. Inventing new instruments and machines have changed the lifestyle of human beings. This section is full of those inventions, which really changed our history.


Did you know? The inventor of the upside-down ketchup bottle earned around 13 million pounds from his invention.
Did you know? The inventor of the chocolate chip, Ruth Wakefield, sold his idea for a lifetime supply of the chocolate.


Have a look through the presentations and videos to learn more about some famous inventors. There are lots of resources attached, but you can also carry out your own research too. Think about some things you use around the house, or objects that help you with your daily routine. Have you thought about who made them and why?


Here are a few questions that you might want to think about: 


Who made that object?

Why is it useful?

Why did that inventor create that object?

How was it made?

What kind of life did that inventor live?

What materials are used?


The Wheel: great inventions that changed history | Educational Videos for Kids

Let's discover how we are able to ride a bike🚲, drive a car🚗or even create new artistic pottery! .

Nikola Tesla and his incredible inventions

Tesla, the original. Nikola Tesla, the famed scientist and inventor. A genius ahead of his time!

Best Invention Video For Kids: The Dr. Binocs Show | Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz

Learn all about famous inventions!

Once you have done some research, choose one of the tasks below to complete:


1. Have a go one of the activities on the PowerPoint presentations.


2. Pick an object of your choice and carry out some research on it. Use the questions above to find out some information about the idea and the person that invented it. Create a poster, draw the object and then write facts about what you have learnt about it. 


3. Complete one of the activities attached.


Famous Designers and Inventors Powerpoint

Lego PowerPoint