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Bees and Pollination

We are going to be learning about Bee’s and Pollination. Bees are extremely important to the world, as without them we wouldn’t have all of the beautiful flowers around us. We also wouldn’t have much of the food that we eat!


For this activity, you are going to be a ‘researcher’ and find out why it is important to protect the bees. There are lots of resources attached, including an experiment, but you can also carry out your own research too.


Once you have done some research, see if you can spot a bee in your garden, or on your walk. Observe them with your adult, from a distance, to see what they are doing (but remember not to harm them!)


Busy Bees

Watch the video on bees to find out what they do:

The incredible secret life of London's bees - BBC

Watch the clip to see how bees live in London:

Some useful websites to find some research might include:


Friends of the Earth:




National Geographic for Kids:



Pest World for Kids:




Once you have done some research, choose one of the tasks below to complete:


  1. Create a poster to explain all the facts you have learnt about bees and why they are important for the planet. Make sure it is bright and colourful!
  2. Draw a diagram of a bee, look at the honeybee power point and see if you can label your diagram.
  3. Imagine you are working for a charity that is trying to save the bees: write a persuasive letter to government to protect the bees. Explain why they are important to the world around us. 
  4. Complete one of the worksheets attached.


Mindfulness Activity

Don’t forget to have a go at colouring in the bee attached.


Good Luck!

Science Experiment 

Bee Hotel