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Animals and Habitats

We are going to be learning all about animals and their habitats. Have a look through the presentation and videos to learn more about some of your favourite animals and where they live. There are lots of resources attached, but you can also carry out your own research too. Think about some things that you want to find out about your favourite animal.


Here are a few questions that you might want to think about: 


How fast can it run or fly?

What does it eat?

How does it breathe?

When and how much does it sleep?

Can it swim, or walk on land?

How many teeth does it have?

Is the animal endangered, if so how can you help it?


Once you have done some research, choose one of the tasks below to complete:


1. Choose an animal of your choice and carry out some research on it. Use the questions from above to find some information about that animal and think of some of your own questions too. Create a poster, draw the animal and then write facts about what you have learnt about it.


2. Choose 2 animals of your choice. Compare the animals to create your own fact file (think about where they live, what they eat, what they look like).


3. Complete one of the activities attached.

Sharks: The scariest animals in the sea | Educational Videos for Kids

Videos for Children | Chameleon for Kids (Educational Video)

Birds | Educational Video for Kids

Fish | Educational Video for Kids.

Insects | Educational Videos for Kids

The Most Dangerous Carnivore Animals | Educational Videos for Kids

Mammals | Educational Video for Kids

Animal Habitats Powerpoint