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Religious Education at King's Court

At King's Court, our Religious Education Curriculum aims to support the emotional, spiritual and cultural growth of our pupils. Pupils are taught to respect each other's difference, and through Religious Education they are able to explore those differences and similarities further through in depth discussions about morality, beliefs and opinions about the wider world. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our children obtain a balanced, broadened perspective on religions, which is why we aim to cover five of the core religious belief systems throughout their time at King's Court. 

R.E Curriculum

At King's Court we follow the Pen-Berkshire R.E Syllabus, which enables pupils to gradually develop an understanding of belief systems around the world. The syllabus is based on “big questions” relating to the three strands of R.E: Belonging, Believing and Behaving.


In the children's first year at King's Court, the children will be given opportunities to interact with other religions through their continuous provisions. Continuous provisions in Early Years are regularly rotated, and are often 'themed' based on celebrations across the world to give the children a 'taster' of festivals such as Dilawi, Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year. The interaction that these pupils receive ensures that they have the chance to ask questions, discuss and experience these festivals in a practical, play based way. 


Once our children enter Key Stage One, their understanding of Religions across the world begin through develop through the teaching of Christianity and one other Religion. Each session is carefully managed to ensure that pupils feel trusted and respected, with an emphasis being on discussion based learning. In Key Stage Two, the pupils will review their work on Christianity and learn about two different religions (different to the one they learn about in Key Stage One.) This ensures that pupils leave King's Court with a broad, balanced understanding of Religious belief systems and are equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge to form their own views about the world around them. 

R.E Assessment 

Assessments for R.E at King’s Court are made based off of ‘Expected Outcomes’ set out by the Pan-Berkshire Agreed Syllabus. These outcomes can be evidenced in a variety of ways, and should be explored through discussions, writing, workshops, visitors and trips to ensure a broad and balanced experience of the subject. These outcomes can be viewed on the PDF below which explores our Pan-Berkshire syllabus in more detail.