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King's Court First School

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History at King's Court School 


At King's Court, we aim to be expert Historians through delivering a broad and balanced experience in our History sessions, developing a coherent picture of Britain's past and the wider world. Our aim is to inspire curiosity, and we encourage our pupils to develop their inquisitive minds and passion for the subject through our explorations of the past. Through using the Chris Quigley interwoven approach, we aim to ensure that learning through a change to long-term memory and that all of our pupils experience a wide breadth of study.  


History Curriculum

At King's Court, we have designed our curriculum around specific 'Curriculum drivers' that reflect the locality, needs and interests of our pupils. These curriculum drivers are Community, Culture and the Arts. Along with Geography, History is presented to the pupils at King's Court as a larger 'theme', with History and Geography being taught in blocks interchangeably each term.


Our curriculum balances out the skills needed to become expert Historians as well as a clear progression of knowledge from the earliest stages. In Early Years, our pupils begin to think about changes in their living memory and begin to develop core language in relation to time such as 'before', 'after' and 'next.' As our pupils progress through school, they begin to think about changes further back into the past, eventually progressing on to Ancient Civilisations in Key Stage Two. As well as this knowledge progression, our pupils are encouraged to revisit and develop core skills by exploring artefact's, photos and are encouraged to use materials which promote research and problem solving. The school also actively promotes opportunities to engage with our local History through school trips to places such as Windsor Castle. 


The aspects of History that are taught cover:

  • Chronology 
  • Historical Knowledge and Understanding
  • Interpretation of History
  • Historical enquiry 
  • Marking