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King's Court First School

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PE and Sport Premium

Sports Leaders:  Mrs. Sue Pye-Beraet and Miss Emma Fancy
Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Real PE Jasmine home learning portal staying open and free until September 6th 2020

Virtual Sports Day 2020

Still image for this video
Here is a short video to celebrate our first ever, virtual Sports Day!

Monday 22nd June 2020


Virtual Sports Day Friday 26th June 2020.


I would also like to let you know that there is a participation only virtual sports day being scheduled for the 26th June 2020. The aim is to encourage physical activity, Please complete the events at a convenient time at home and the school is scheduled to complete them during the school day on Friday.


* Clarification added 23/06/2020 

To simplify you have:

Reception have a small range of 2 activities and then a repeater run if required.


a) A main activity which was allocated.

b) A second designated activity - if it is easier, then you can  pick from one from the other  classes in the key stage.

Options of standing long and repeater runs have been added to give an extension if required.


a) A main activity which was  pre-allocated

b) A second activity which could be picked from the other classes in the key stage or use Healthy hearts, and finally use the 10m repeater run.


I hope this helps.


Year group


Schools site




Egg and spoon variation balancing

Egg and spoon variation balancing

Repeater run  capped 1 minute per child


Dribble football/avoid the defenders

Dribble football/avoid the defenders

Repeater run  capped 1 minute per child


Save the treasure

Three in a row

Repeater run capped at 1 minute


Three in a row/save the treasure

Save the treasure

Egg and spoon variation


Egg and spoon variation


Save the treasure

Key Worker as per associated class.


Standing long

10 metre repeater run


Healthy hearts how many complete circuits in 3 minutes


Top 10 /10metre repeater run


Healthy hearts how many complete circuits in 3 minutes


Top 10 /10metre repeater run


Standing long


Top 10 /10metre repeater run


Year groups.



Dribble football/avoid the defenders


Balance as requested is basically egg and spoon.

Swap activities


Ideally one ball for each child and a pattern of 5 cones with a 1 meter spread between each cone.

Cleaning agent for after each ball use.

Actual wooden spoons and eggs if available.

Set 2 or 3 tracks spaced over 3 metres apart for a distance of 10 metres. 

How many laps can be completed in a minute. They have 2-3 goes to see if they beat their personal best.



Squirrels activity 1


Otters activity 1:


use scrap paper as replacement to pillows.

Hedgehogs activity 1

Egg and spoon variation

Followed by:




Badgers/owls activity 1


These circuits to be repeated over a 3 min period to see how many sets they can do.


Deers activity 1


Please see attached


Activity 2 for Key stage 2 is


Compete with someone at home - have 3 tries send in best score. Time limited to 3 mins per game and measure the distance you separated.


Additional optional activity all age groups.

Speed bounce.

Jumping over an object - a tea towel is a safe option

How many jumps can be done in 1 minute. 

Optional distance run 10 metre repeater -  how far can you run in continuous relay in 5 mins over a 10 metre loop. This is to support endurance and not speed.


This is purely PARTICIPATION.


If your child is in a group that is based at school and they are at home, please complete the same challenge and submit the video at the email address supplied.


We log how many competed the challenges by class. Each group must do 2 activities and will be counted if a video is submitted.


In the event you do not have cones, then easy markers such as rolled up socks or tea towels are always a handy alternative.


In the event of no egg and spoon being available, a tennis racket or small frying pan teamed with rolled up socks is also suitable.


In the event you do not have a ball, do use a pair of rolled up socks.


There will be a series of attachments which will give you instructions on how to complete the activities.

The distances are set to 10 metres to account for home and school site participation. The additional activities are listed in the attachments.

There is a combination of challenges being set per class and a video submission is needed to verify participation. It is not a traditional sports day as you may have seen or be used to, but it is a good way to engage and keep children active. It is also 'National School Sports Week at Home 2020 (A Youth Sport Trust initiative) #NSSWtogether.

It is important to send in the videos of you completing the challenges to kingscourt.owl@rbwm.org.uk with permissions to use the video clips in a montage celebrating our epic inaugural virtual sports day. Please have all the video entries emailed in by the 28th of June 2020.



Good luck everyone!

SSCO partnership additional home activity ideas. April 2020

Physical Education, School Sport & Physical Activity (PESSPA)

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Jasmine's Journey

Creating positive relationships with physical activity for life


Parent email: parent@kingscourt-1.com
Password: kingscourt


Collaboration with our local community.

Revised Sports Premium in line with the Department of Education.


Sport Premium Grant Expenditure:

Report for spending 2018/19



Sport premium funding has been provided by the Government to develop school sport and PE. This funding is ring fenced – it must be spent on Sport or PE provision. However, schools have the freedom to choose how this can be spent. Funding should have direct and sustained improvement in sporting provision, improving sport participation and attainment. Improvements should be sustainable as far as practicable.


Key achievements to date:

Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

  •  Ignite Coach – teaching KS1 and KS2 children 90 minutes of physical exercise each week.
  • SSP coaching – teaching KS1 and KS2 children 45 minutes of physical exercise each week.
  • Sport leaders – creating further opportunities for physical development at play times.
  • KS2 trail on the playground – developing core strength and closing the gender gap – accessible for all KS2 children.
  • To improve the quality of PE teaching so that it is consistently good.
  • Increase opportunities for children to compete in competitive games.
  • Offer children further opportunities to experience an increasing range of sports.
  • Aim to develop a love of sport at the school by personalising opportunities.
  • To create a Sports Games profile to monitor and evaluate the progress within PE.
  • To create a physical development area on the KS1 playground.



Action Plan and Budget Tracking


Academic Year: 2018/2019

Total fund allocated:


Date Updated:

2nd July 2018


School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

To improve the quality of PE teaching so that it is consistently good.


Teachers to teach 1 hour of physical exercise weekly (if class not being taught by SSP coach).


Teachers to liaise with Ignite Coach – support behaviour management and observe lesson inputs for ideas in own planning.














Teachers feeling more confident to plan and implement a range of sports.



Improved behaviour management in lessons as a result of paired teaching.


Sport Leader to liaise with Coach to look over plans and ensure different sports are being taught.


Organise equipment to be able to implement news sports effectively.


Teachers to continue supporting Ignite Coaches in lessons to manage behaviour effectively.


Sport Leader to work with Ignite coach to arrange sports day.

 Increase opportunities for children to compete in competitive games.




Continue SSP Partnership


Organise coaching for KS1/KS2


Organise inter – school events for KS1 and KS2




Working alongside SSP 2018/19. Organised for the whole school year.


KS1 each class has:

-1 term x1 weekly multi skills coaching opportunity

-1 term x1 weekly gymnastics coaching opportunity.


KS2 each class has:

-1 term x1 weekly Athletics coaching opportunity.

-1 term x1 weekly Netball and Basketball coaching opportunity.



Aim to participate in more inter competitions per Key Stage throughout the year.


King’s Court to arrange an intra- sport competition linked to the caching experience for each Key Stage.


Teachers to attend CPD opportunities organised by SSP.


Use SSP to support embedding the Daily Mile into school activity.


KS1/KS2 to partake in inter-school events including Athletics, Multi skills and Netball.


To develop PE and sport involvement at King’s Court First School

Sports Leader and Head Teacher to discuss creating houses/teams across the school.




Eteach to cover Sport Leader to take time to set up SSP Partnership.


Time for Sport Leader to organise Sport Games website and Impact Report.


Sport Leader to attend PE Conference in Wokingham.


Sport Leader to organise Sports Day


































Houses are to be mixed ages and abilities. 4-5 houses across the school. Chn to have the opportunities to win house points.


Ongoing partnership and communication with SSP. Coaching and competitions organised.


Heat Map set up and account created for Kings Court First School on School Games.


Impact report created for academic year 2018/19


Sports Day organised events, timings, lunch, equipment etc.

New Sport Leader (Miss Clark) to continue taking time to implement targets for next year:


set up coaching, competitions, new sporting opportunities, involving parents, sports day etc.

To create an area for children to develop core strength and coordination on the KS1 playground.

Relevant planning approval and install


£13 000

Working towards an install date in the summer term 2019

Teachers to create a system for classes to utilise the equipment to bets effect


2018 – 19 (sustainability and what will change)

  • To organise houses across the school for class house points and Sports Day.
  • To organise a range of sporting opportunities from different companies. E.g. Skip-a-thon.
  • CPD training opportunities to develop teacher’s experience and confidence teaching a range of Sports – organised through SSP Partnership.
  • To increase participation in sporting events – through SSP Partnership
  • To implement a version of the Daily Mile tackling obesity.
  • To increase parental engagement significantly in sports and in supporting their children’s enjoyment – create a sporting event such as rounder’s and invite parents to play alongside their children.
  • To celebrate and promote pupil’s sporting achievements at Kings Court e.g. display trophies/ certificates, announce in the newsletter and on our website. These can be achievements accomplished outside of school to build an awareness of local sport events.
  • To continue building our school games profile – update the calendar and HeatMap