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Fort Project

Fort Project

Sorry parents but I saw this and I just couldn’t not share! Before I share, we must ALL agree on a few rules if we are going to complete this activity we MUST:

1. Get permission to do this from our adults and be supervised during the construction day.
2. Ask WHEN and WHERE is a suitable place to do this activity – this might be an activity to do all together in the half term.
3. We must NOT start any building without permission, supervision or a plan, set of instructions and fort rules!
4. WE must tidy it ALL away no adults will be tidying up after us – unless they got involved too!
5. Listen and be respectful to our adult's answers – this might be an activity to plan now and look forward to do in the future.

Once you have permission and have negotiated a suitable time to do this we can think about ‘planning’ our fort. Nobody is to be building a fort/tent today – we need time to plan this!

Day 1: Can you design your fort? What will it look like? What materials will you need? Create a first, second and final design of your fort. Label each part with the materials you will use. Give each of your designs 2 stars and a wish. Try to achieve each wish after each design.

Day 2: Can you write a set of instructions to use to help build your fort? What equipment will you need? What are the step by step instructions of how you will build your fort? Before making anything use all the resources on our website to help you write a clear set of instruction for making your tent/fort. https://www.kingscourtfirst.co.uk/instruction-writing/


Day 3: Can you write a letter to invite somebody to come to visit your fort for a story or a fort picnic? Use the resources on our website to help write a letter remember to be clear on when and where it is happening. Do you have any fort rules? https://www.kingscourtfirst.co.uk/letter-writing-coming-soon/ 


Day 4: Constructions – If you have permission and with supervision you can test your instructions to see if your fort works. This would be a super activity in half term. 


Day 5: Evaluate your fort - How well did it go? How could you improve it next time?


Day 6: Let’s get writing! Use the time in the fort to help inspire some writing. What type of character would live in a fort? Where would we find the fort? Using the character and setting description resources can you write a fort story?