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Flu Nasal Spray Immunisation on Monday 9th November 2020

Most of the children will have watched the video with their class teachers but this is in case you would like further help with preparing your child for Monday morning.

How to prepare students for vaccination

Except for Reception year children and those whose parents or carers previously declined the vaccination, most children who we receive consent for will have received the flu vaccine previously and should know what to expect. Very young children and children with special educational needs may need further preparation to ensure they’re ready for the vaccination in the autumn term.

 Painless nasal sprays

 Some students can be particularly anxious when it comes to receiving vaccinations, and seeing healthcare staff wearing uniforms. For most children and young people, they will receive their flu vaccine as a nasal spray. This is a small syringe filled with a small amount of flu medicine that is sprayed up into each nostril. The process is quick and painless, often feeling like a tickle.

 Nasal spray alternative for children with certain medical conditions

 For any children who have a medical condition preventing them from having the nasal spray, we will discuss with their parent/carer about them receiving the injectable version. In this instance we will work with you on how best to do this within a school environment.

Suggestions on how schools, teachers, parents or carers can prepare children for vaccination

 There is an animated video (produced by an NHS organisation) that provides an overview of flu and the nasal spray. This nasal flu spray video can be watched on YouTube.

The Health for Kids website has a variety of games, activities and information aimed at children, and a section more focused on adults.

 You could incorporate the flu video within one of your lessons prior to your school’s flu session to
help children to be less anxious about what will happen and to encourage good hand hygiene.

 Preparing children for seeing PPE

 Due to the current pandemic, we are following stricter guidelines to ensure we reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses. This autumn the team may be wearing aprons, face masks, googles or visors and gloves. As such, we may look different and we want to ensure children are prepared for this.

Several NHS Trusts have developed videos to explain to children why we wear PPE:

 The Masked Heroes

Why do you wear PPE?