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Tuesday 19th January 2021


At the end of a unit of work, we will often give the children a mini quiz to see how well they have understood the topic that has just been taught. Today, I would like the children to complete the mini quiz attached. Encourage them to do this as independently as possible in a quiet space. If they get stuck on a particular question, encourage them to move on and come back to it later. 


Start with Quiz A. If you have enough time and concentration is still good, move on to Quiz B. Do not worry about giving the children a particular time limit - do what works for you at home. You could even break it up in sections throughout the day if that works better for you. 


It would be great to get some feedback about how they did. Are there any particular areas that they struggled with? How did they approach it - were they confident or unsure?


The quizzes and answers are attached below.