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LO: To recognise different types of poems.

In today's lesson, we are thinking about different poetry types. What do you think makes a poem? Do we need rhyming? Do we need to have a format? Does the poem need a subject? Think about some of the poems you have read already before taking on these questions. What makes these poems different? How are they similar? 


Using the videos below, start our session by introducing the different poetry types. Then, you can move on to selecting one of the challenges below. 

Mrs White's favourite poem

Bronze: Can you sort the poems below into the different poetry types we have explored in today's videos? 

Silver: Can you create a list of differences/similarities these poem types have with one another? (For example: A free verse poem does not have to have a rhyming pattern, but a limerick does) You do not have to compare all of these, you can just pick two if this helps. 

Gold: Can you write some sentences telling me what each poetry type is? Think about the features that are included, the rhyming scheme of the topic.