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The Hodgeheg

The Hodgeheg 


This term our Key Stage text is 'The Hodgeheg.' 


In writing, our pupils will be exploring the features of a narrative such as a plot, character and setting. We will also be completing fact files about Hedgehogs. To support this learning at home, ask your child to complete a range of activities such as:


A character profile for Max 

A descriptive piece of writing to identify settings in the story

A story map to support your child's in summarising the plot

A mind map about what they already know about Hedgehogs

A fact file about Hedgehogs

A 'Help a Hedgehog' poster outlining how to care for Hedgehogs in the wild.


Try asking your child questions when reading the text such as:

What do you think Max is like? Can you think of some adjectives to describe him
Where do you think the story is set? Can we try to describe what this place might look like?

What happens in the story? Can you order the events correctly?

What do you already know about Hedgehogs? Can we find out more?


Please see below a list of helpful resources which should support your home learning.


In our reading, we are focussing on the skills of prediction, summarising and retrieval. When reading through the text, ask your child questions such as:

What do you think will happen next? Can we record this information?

What evidence have you used to support your prediction?

Can you tell me the main events of the story so far?


Activities to support these skills may include:

Creating a 'prediction page' using evidence such as pictures, blurbs or parts of the text.

Creating a story map to help summarise and map out key events.

Reading the book with your child using a 'my turn, your turn' format, asking questions in between or making simple observations about what has happened.