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Spring - DT

Spring Term 2
Spring Term 1
Batteries and their uses
Batteries come in many different shapes and sizes and we use them to make many different appliances work. Batteries can be put together to provide more power. Tiny batteries are used for watches, while bigger batteries are used for remote controllers, toys, fairy lights and torches.
Combining materials class clips 
Why can't you make a bicycle completely out of rubber? A manufacturer describes the different materials needed to make the different parts of a bike. He discusses the importance of a rigid steel frame which is strong but light and the rubber tyres which are important for comfort and grip while still being tough. Plastic is then discussed as a lightweight material useful for any 'extras' found on the bike, as it can be moulded to any shape.
Materials and their properties
This is a compilation of clips set to a background of music and based on the theme of materials and their uses. Includes glass and metal in buildings and bridges, precious stones, ice and ice sculptures, welding metal, wood flooring, kitchen utensils, blowing glass, stone being broken by a metal tool, plastic bottle manufacture and glass bottles recovered from wrecks.
Materials and their uses 
Metals, wood and plastic are shown in different forms and the human uses for each material are highlighted. Includes footage of natural materials being manipulated for human use and man-made materials on the production line.