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Spring - ART

Lesson 1: Shape - Geometric Shape Art 

Have a go at this fun artistic style with some household objects! Geometric Art is all about creating fabulous pieces out of simple shapes such as circles, squares, triangles or rectangles. Have a look at the video below to give you some basic ideas, then experiment with some ideas of your own! If you do not have access to paints, then you may choose to use coloured pencils or pens to complete this session. Have fun with it, and please show off all of your work to your teacher on class dojo. 

Geometric Shape Painting - Step By Step

Lesson 2: Shape - Henri Matisse  

Following on from our lesson on Geometric Art, today's activity is based on a well-known artist and illustrator named Henri Matisse! Matisse uses shape a lot in his artwork to create some inspirational pieces. Chances are, you have probably seen a piece of Art from Matisse without even realising it! To introduce today's lesson, please see the video below. After learning a little more about Matisse, see if you can create your very own shape collages much like the ones featured at the end of the video. 

Henri Matisse for Kids

Lesson 3: Shape - Positive and negative shapes

In this lesson, we are going to try to create some fantastic optical illusions using 'positive' and 'negative' shapes and spaces. Please use the video below as a brief introduction, and give it a go! All you will need are some scissors, glue, 2 sheets of different coloured cards and a ruler. Have fun, and make sure you share your results using class dojo.

Art with positive & negative space!