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Monday - Dividing with remainders.

LO: I can divide with remainders.

Today we are going to think about diving with remainders. Ask your child to draw two circles, and to 'share' 7 objects between these - what do they notice? Can that number be shared equally? Explain that if a number is left out, this is called a 'remainder' because it is 'remaining' on the outside, or it is left out! Not all numbers can be divided fairly, and today we are going to explore this idea through our whiterose video. Show the video to your child, and complete one of the following challenges:


Bronze: Using practical resources (counters, toys etc) can you practice dividing smaller numbers between 2, which numbers will share fairly? Which ones will not? Create a table and record your findings, with one side showing me ones that will share between two, and one side showing me numbers that will not. 

Silver: Perform an experiment with the 3s, 4s and 8s. Practice sharing numbers between 3,4 and 8, can you find at least 6 numbers that will share between each of these? What do you notice about the 4s and 8s? This can also be done practically by sharing out one at a time or drawing if prefered. 

Gold: Play true or false! Choose 5 cards from the set below, can you prove/disprove these statements? I have mixed in some multiplication to challenge you.