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LO: I can analyse a piece of poetry.


This week for English, we are taking a break from 'The Abominables' and will be looking at some poetry. By the end of this week, we will aim to write our very own poems. For today's session, your teachers would like to share a poem with you. This poem was written by a woman named Gemma Peacock. We would like you to spend your session today appreciating the message this poem gives. It is very powerful, and gives off a wonderful message about what is going on right now. Please see the poem below, and a link to download it. Read the poem (or read through it with your child) and choose one of today's challenges to explore this powerful poem further. 

Bronze: Can you practice reading a small section of the poem with an adult? Upload your reading in a short video on class dojo. Remember to practice the words a few times before hand and ask an adult if you are not sure on what they say.

Silver: After reading through the poem, can you attempt to perform it and record yourself reading the poem? After this, record your own thoughts on the poem. What is the poem trying to tell you? How did the poem make you feel? What were some of your favourite parts?

Gold: This poem contains lots of rhyming, can you read through the poem, and record any rhyming words that you can hear? Make a list of these. As an additional challenge, put numbers next to each line, do you notice anything about the rhyming patterns?