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Lesson One

Bronze: Create a diagram of our planet, labelling each 'layer' with the following keywords: Crust, Mantle, Inner Core, Outer Core.

Silver: In your own words, can you explain the keywords (Crust, Mantle, Inner Core, Outer Core) from today's lesson? Label a diagram of the Earth, and underneath each word write a brief sentence describing what it is. You might want to explain what it is made up of or how hot it is.

Gold: Using your own methods, can you research what a 'tectonic plate' is? You can present your information in a poster, video or written piece. I have added some resources below to start you off!

Plate Tectonics | Tectonic plates Theory | Video for kids

Plate tectonics is a theory of geology.The plates move using three types of movements.They are: convergent, divergent and transform movement. Let's Learn al...