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Lesson One

In today's lesson we are introducing the topic of Ancient Greece! The term 'ancient' means a very, very long time ago....before things like cameras were invented! So how do you think we know so much about this time period when there are no photos or people still alive to tell us about it? Today, we are going to use our video to explore the different kinds of artefacts and evidence that has been left behind. These clues tell us about the past, and let us know how people lived, what they did, and what they believed in! Use today's video to introduce the session, then select the challenge from below. 


Bronze: Become an archaeologist! Using our 'Bronze Resource' can you colour in the ancient vase, cut out the pieces and stick it back together?

Silver: Can you use our 'Silver Resource' to design your very own vase? Your vase should tell me a little bit about how the Ancient Greeks lived. You might want to include a picture of the Olympics, or a picture of an Ancient Greek building! 

Gold: Can you use the sessions power point to view the artefacts? Next, I'd like to write down what each artefact tells us about the Ancient Greeks! (For example: Coins tell me that the Ancient Greeks used money to trade for goods.)