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Autumn - Geography


The agricultural community is an important one to think about when we come back to school. With the Harvest Festival around the corner, we have been exploring the jobs that farmers do and have been thinking about farms in our local area. When learning about farming, agriculture and harvest, consider some of these activities when taking on your home learning:


Create a list of jobs that farmers do.

Research how the seasons can impact the jobs that farmers do.

Explore the definition of 'seasonality' and think about how different crops are harvested.

Consider the length of time it takes for food to get to our tables. How many miles does the food have to travel? Can you create a map or flow chart showing the journey of a fruit or vegetable?


You can also consider asking questions such as:


What do you think makes a community? 

What do you think a farmer does?

How many different types of farms can we name?

Why do you think its important to eat locally sourced foods?

What does the harvest festival do for a community?

How do people celebrate Harvest? 

Why is Harvest important?