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Autumn - ART

Lesson 1: Drawing - Landscapes with Ken Done

Australian artist Ken Done shows Kirsten O'Brien how he uses his simplified style of drawing and painting to capture the landmarks and places that most inspire his work. Ken Done composes a picture on site, using the landmark of Tower Bridge in London as the focus for his artwork. Using bold strokes and colours with very little detail, children work with the artist to compose their own pictures in his simplistic style.


Activity: Hopefully the clip has empowered you to tackle your own landscape drawing, with confidence and creativity. Due to Ken Done's simple and imaginative approach, even the most anxious artist could feel inspired. Ideally children could be taken to a significant local or national landmark, even the outside of the school building, and provided with pastels or crayons in bold colours to draw the landmark. Alternatively, children could use images of landmarks, local, national or international, as a basis for their drawings. Whilst working, children could be reminded to employ their imagination whilst drawing what they see.

Lesson 2: Drawing - Perspective in drawing and painting  

A simple explanation of how to draw or paint a picture using perspective to add depth and greater realism to a picture. Kirsten O'Brien demonstrates how to draw a street scene using perspective to add depth, rather than creating a 'flat' picture. There is reference and comparisons to artistic styles used in the Bayeux Tapestry and Renaissance period.


Activity: Children could watch the clip to gain a simple understanding about how perspective in art works. Once children have viewed the clip, they could create their own perspective drawing. Initially, it could be useful to use an image or photograph very similar to the one in the clip. Thereafter, children could draw a perspective scene using an image or photograph of choice.