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A Message From Mrs Pye- Beraet

Friday 17th July 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the final Friday weekly round-up!


I am delighted that we had the opportunity to welcome our year 4 children into school this week.  It has been wonderful seeing everyone and spending time with our oldest children in the school.  We have signed t shirts, learnt the hand jive, drunk ‘Slushie’ (thank-you Mrs. Want) and shared gifts with our friends (thank-you Mrs. Wright). 

Later on today, we are holding our leavers’ assembly; we will miss having our parents attending the assembly alongside us.  This will be our opportunity to celebrate the children’s King’s Court journey and say, ‘goodbye and good luck’ for their new beginnings in their new schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the key stage 2 team, who have been working very hard, both in school and at home to ensure we could give the best ‘year 4 send-off’ possible during these very unusual times.

Every child is very welcome to come back and visit us, to say ‘hello’ when they are passing by or coming to school with their parents to pick up younger siblings.

I have to say, their new schools will be very lucky to have every single one of them and we will miss them dearly at King’s Court.

Thank-you:  Mrs. Webb, Miss, Mears and Mr. Symons-Chan, as well as all the staff who have supported across the key stage 2 team this week.


A successful and happy school depends on all of us working together.  Despite the challenges of this year, we have truly come together as a school community to support each other and continue the education for the children both at home and in school.  I know that our parents make such an important contribution to the children’s achievements and how important it is for us to work in partnership, with your child at the centre of everything we do.

During this year, 2019-2020 we have:

  • sustained our ‘good’ Ofsted rating.
  • smashed home learning and become teachers at home.
  • welcomed every child across the school in for transition and celebrated our year 4 leavers this week.


From September we are determined to follow the autumn term calendar safely.  We will adapt and amend our events in line with the government legislation.

Some of our planned events next term include:

  • Meet the Teacher during the first few weeks back to school in September
  • a celebration of our fantastic Ofsted achievement
  • welcoming our gorgeous new reception children into King’s Court. 
    Yesterday, I updated the school website with a letter to our parents about the school’s full opening in September, along with the risk assessment.  Please see the school website for important information about new start times and safety measures. 
    I am so proud of our school community and want to personally thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to ensure the children were looked after and their learning continued throughout lockdown.…
    Our teachers:  Miss. Powell, Mrs. Webb, Mr. Rapley, Miss. Nuthall, Miss. Foad, Mrs. White, Miss. Benwell, Mrs. Clark, Miss. Mears, Mr. Symons Chan, Miss. Fancy, who have not stopped, and who have been by my side every step of our journey to ensure our school was safe to open for all of the children.
    Our teaching assistants:  Mrs. Wilson, Miss. McCarthy, Ms. Kierman, Mrs. Radin, Mrs. Jarmola, Mrs Fenn.
    Our office staff:  Mrs. Rai, Mrs. Maal, Ms. Stainbank, Mrs. Green, Mr. Madden
    Our lunch team:  Mrs. Begum, Mrs. Horsburgh, Mrs. Somerville, Mrs. Want, Mrs. Burke, Miss. Ayres
    Our helpers:  the PTA, volunteers in school, Open the Book, our enrichment club providers.
    Our governors, who have supported the school throughout the lockdown period.
    And thank-you to you, our parents and carers across the local community.
    And finally, thank-you to the children, who are the reason why we are here!
    A quote about our children.

 While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.
Attributed to Angela Schwindt

Have a wonderful holiday and we are looking forward to seeing you in September 2020!

Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 


Thank-you for being you!

Mrs. Pye-Beraet

Friday 10th July


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


Our school has really come to life this week as our years 2 and 3 children have joined us for transition.  The children have been ‘utterly wonderful’ and so happy to come back to school.  I have had a few magic moments, many cheery ‘Hello Mrs.Pye-Beraets' which has truly made my week special.  I have really enjoyed talking to so many of our parents who have been so appreciative of everything we are doing.


We are determined to maintain the same level of communication and organisation as we are starting to prepare for our full opening of the school to all the children in September which is very exciting.  For the latest government updates, please see the:


Parents Tab – Return to School Tab on the school website.


This is the final day of school for all of the children apart from our year 4 children.


We can’t wait to welcome our year 4 children back into school.  The year 4 team are sending out their plans for the children today on Class DoJo and I know everyone will have a fun filled week.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and joining in with some of the activities.  We are so pleased that we have been able to organise this very important week for our year 4 children.


In September, we will be planning a community event as soon as we can in line with government guidance to celebrate our amazing Ofsted achievement.  We can’t wait to celebrate with the children when we are all back together and then sharing our achievements with the community.


Please go to the parent view link at the bottom of the home page on the school website to share your views about the school if you haven't had a chance to do so since Ofsted visited in March.  We have received so many gorgeous comments about our communication and organisation during the lock down period.  Even if you have taken the survey before, you are invited to take the survey again, as we would love to capture some of the lovely responses (during the school closure and as we have opened up again) since you have taken the last survey.


Our community has been absolutely amazing during these unprecedented times and we are determined to put King’s Court School ‘on the map’ as the good school that we are.  As we are a small village school tucked away, many people don’t know that we are here and the delights that we offer as a community school.  Our community spirit and team effort is so important to a small school like ours so that we can grow from strength to strength….


As part of our celebrations we will be driving the Big Sing which we launched at the beginning of the lock down period.  Our aim will be to get the whole school community singing together.  Another active activity push will be the hand jive, which the teachers at KC already know.  This is a fun little exercise the children can do when they are having a ‘brain break’ from their learning.


Take a look at the teachers learning to do the hand jive on the video below (please note, this was videoed before social distancing regulations). 


I can hardly believe this is our penultimate Friday round up.  We will be reviewing our traditional school newsletter in the autumn term and looking for your suggestions about communicating key information to our parents.


Have a wonderful summer break when you can spend quality time with your family and friends, many of whom you may not have seen in person for a while.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 


Thank-you for being you!

KC teachers learning the hand jive....January 2020

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd July


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


It has been wonderful welcoming back so many more families into school this week.  School is starting to feel like school again with the sounds of more children in and around the playgrounds and class.  It feels like a little 'normality' is doing us all a lot of good.


The teachers have really enjoyed meeting their new classes years 1 and 2 this week.  The children have been absolute stars and have come into school happily and ready to see their friends again.


I really enjoyed seeing so many of our years 2 and 3 families at the book swap last week.  It will finally be their turn to come into school for transition next week.  I know their current class teachers can’t wait to see them and the new teachers are looking forwards to spending a few days with them.  Take a look on our School Instagram for a reminder of the details:


School Instagram:  King's Court First School


Don’t forget to look at King’s Court website, Instagram and Facebook for reminders and events coming up.


Your child’s end of year report will be going out to you next week, we have used a different format this year and we hope we have given up a glimpse of how your child has progressed in school and at home.  There will be a covering letter attached explaining how we have written the reports given the unprecedented circumstances we are currently in.


Don’t forget to get creative and join in with the children’s art week and have fun following the creative themes listed below.


29 June – 19 July 2020


Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.


In 2020, Children’s Art Week will take place online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme.

Our 2020 themes are…

Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World

Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations

Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing

Perhaps you would like to create a series of art works on these themes and send them in to the class email or upload them onto Class Dojo


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 

Thank-you for being you!

Mrs. Pye-Beraet

STOP PRESS!  Important Ofsted Letter from Mrs. Pye-Beraet!  PLEASE READ...


I have brought forward my Friday Round Up for one week only to share my letter in response to our wonderful Ofsted report.

Please read my Thursday follow up.... Enjoy the attached letter which can be seen below.

We have exciting news to share.....

Still image for this video

Friday 19th June


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


Yesterday should have been gentlemen in school day.  This day was to celebrate the gentlemen in our lives who go above and beyond for us, love and look after us every day.  We wanted to celebrate all the gentlemen, dads, grandads, uncles, brothers and good family friends ahead of Father’s Day.  Please say thank-you today to any special gentlemen in your family either virtually or in person.  I am thinking of my brother today who I haven’t been able to see since lock down started, so I will make sure I phone him up tonight and say ‘hi’.

What will you do to celebrate the gentlemen in your family? 


I would like to wish all the dads and carers a Happy Father’s Day on Sunday.  I am sure you will be enjoy being spoilt by your families.


Yesterday we sent out a letter explaining the next phase of our transition plan.  There will be further details to follow.  We are giving every child at King’s Court the opportunity to come into school before the end of the summer term.  We would love to see everyone ahead of September as it has been a very long time since March when we sadly needed to close the school.  If you are unsure about sending your child back to school, then please have a look at the risk assessment on the school website.  Follow the Parent Tab – Return to School Tab.  The risk assessment outlines the detail of safety procedures that we have in place at school and key information to read ahead of your child coming back into school.


This opportunity will give your child the chance to come back to school and become familiar with the new school routines.  They will be able to see other friends in their group bubble along with their class teacher and to meet their new class teacher.  Transition is always a very important part of the new school year and with lock down this year, it is more important than ever.


We will be sending out the information about your child’s class allocation on Monday.  There is time for you to ask us questions if you need to, so please don’t worry.  This year we have focused solely on keeping the children within familiar groups as much as we can.  When we are all back together, our main priorities will be settling the children back into school, well-being and assessing where the children are with their learning.


Please know that we are here for you if you have any questions or concerns then contact the class teacher in the first instance.  If you would like to contact me, then email or phone the school office.

Email:  kingscourt@rbwm.org.uk

Phone:  01753 866272


Don’t forget to join the Rainbows over Runnymead, a National Trust and National Lottery Heritage Fund project that runs until 2023.  See the Whole School Tab on the Children’s Page.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet

Friday 12th June

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


We started the week by celebrating Carers Week.  Around 6.5 million people in the UK are carers and are looking after a parent, partner, child or friend.  I wanted to end this week by saying ‘thank-you’ to everyone who is looking after someone else and the huge appreciation I have for the work that you do. 


I hope everyone has had another productive week working on the home learning.  Please remember to take regular breaks and enjoy lots of fresh air outside through-out the day.


Miss.  Mears has put the science challenge up on Tuesday so don’t forget to head over the Whole School Tab and take a look.  I also hope you had a chance to see the Speak Out. Stay Safe. Virtual Assembly by Ant and Dec sharing a very important message from the NSPCC.  Buddy visited King’s Court a couple of years ago so I hope some of the children remember him.


We are reflecting on the recent government announcement this week stating that not all children will return to primary school this summer term.  Now we confirmation about what primary schools will look like this term, we are planning our transition across all year groups over the summer term and more information about that will follow over the coming weeks.


In case you missed it, please see the BBC news report by following the link below.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet


Friday 5th June

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


We have had a very successful week this week welcoming some of our families back into school.  The smiles on everyone’s faces was the highlight of my day!  I also loved the virtual hugs and all of our families are now experts at using our one way systems.  Some of the children were completing our little quiz as they came into school and all of the instructions we had sent out on the Back to School tab were beautifully followed.


Our families at home have continued to work hard on the home learning.  We have really missed seeing everyone this week and I am looking forward to the day that we can welcome everyone back to school.  Our year 4 children are in our minds as they are leaving us at the end of this term.  The year 4 team has lots of plans for your celebrations so that we can say goodbye to you all. 


It was one of my favourite days on Wednesday, World Bicycles Day.  I love to ride my bike to school as I get lots of fresh air and it keeps me fit too.  If children who are coming to school would like to bring in their bike or scooter, then, you are very welcome to leave it in the bike shed as normal.  I have really enjoyed seeing families out and about on their bikes in our community, so, keep cycling.


We have had so many positive comments from you about our communication and organisation during the lock down period.  We couldn't do this without you and as we have seen our home learning platform develop and our systems and routines working this week, it makes all our planning worthwhile.  


We appreciate every single one of our families.  Thank-you.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet





Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


We have now completed 7 weeks of home learning!  Well done everyone.


I would like to give a huge shout out to our teachers this week as we all thank-you on Wednesday for National Thank a Teacher Day.  On this day we have also recognised all of our parents for all that you are doing to support your children with their learning during lockdown.


Remember to:


Complete the science challenge for Miss. Mears.  See the Whole School Page and science challenges located at the top.

Please send it to Miss. Mears at kingscourt.badger@rbwm.org.uk


Visit BBC Bitesize which is a great resource for the children to use with lessons updated on a daily basis.


Looking after you…


This has been a very busy week preparing for the possible opening of schools to our reception and year 1 children and continued provision for our key worker children.


Thank-you to everyone who has completed our questionnaires this week and your patience as we had a technical problem in the school office.  All the information and questionnaires can be found on the school website in the Parent Tab – Newsletters.


Our task today is to share the individual invites for your children in reception, year 1 and the key worker groups.  The invite will inform you of the group and days your child will be in school.  We will also send out a script for you to share with your children before they come into school so they know why markers and tape are around the school site – to keep us all safe.  A photo pack will follow to give you a visual reference of our school site and changes that have been made.


Please remember that the school is not putting any pressure on you as parents to return your child to school.  We ask that if your child is not attending school to continue the hard work on the home learning platform on the school website.


Our year 4 team is working hard on transition for the older children and have been sending out regular updates about it.  Please email Miss. Mears or Mrs. Webb if you have any questions.


Please follow the link below to see the government guidance for parents, updated on 20th May.




And finally, please give yourselves a pat on the back for all that you do! 

To all of our families who are supporting their children with home learning. 

The teaching teams who are working tirelessly to ensure our educational provision is creative and varied. 

The office staff who make sure we keep you updated with the latest information.

Mr. Madden who checks our school site.

And … the children, who are truly wonderful and ‘getting on with the job’ during these uncertain times.


The May half term break is nearly here! 

Pack away the home learning early today and start your holidays early.


You all deserve it!


The Olaf video on the whole school update really says it all.


Click the link below to watch the video.




Have a lovely break and a well-earned rest!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet

Today is Thank a Teacher Day...


I would like you to join me in saying 'THANK-YOU' to our teachers for all that they do.  Today is about taking a little time to sit back and appreciate our teachers.  


Every teacher brings something special to our children at King's Court.


Our teachers work exceptionally hard all year and during the holidays.  During lock down, there have been a lot of changes and your teachers have been part of that too.  They have brought your learning into your homes and thought of many creative ways to make your learning fun.  At this time, it has been important for them to think about your well-being and give you lots of ideas for life skills you can learn with your family.


How could you thank your teacher today?


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


The Happiness Tree makes me smile every time I walk past it. Thank-you to you for all your colourful pebbles and wonderful ideas. Everyone is original and from the children with heart-warming messages that are gorgeous to read. We encourage you to tell other people around the village and sign post our tree – virtually or safely of course.


Following the Government’s announcement, we now have the government guidance for reception and year 1 children possibly returning to school on the 1st June. The children and staff’s safety will remain the primary concern in any planning and it may not be possible to welcome all the children back as the Government has described.  


We will continuously follow all the guidance for maintaining as safe an environment as possible. However, we know that you will understand that we cannot 100% guarantee complete safety.


There will be a letter on the school website later on today. Please see these further details in the Parent tab in Newsletters on the school website.


Please take care and we look forward to seeing you back with us virtually on Monday.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together.  


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet








Good morning, 


We know that many of you will have questions to ask following on from Boris Johnson’s speech yesterday.  We are all in this together and have only just heard the speech with you.


We are waiting to receive more information from government about what this means for our school. In the short-term, nothing has changed and we will provide further information in the coming days and weeks as soon as we are able to do so.


We will continue to provide home learning and enjoy receiving your messages on Class Dojo and through the school and class emails.


Thank-you for all your continued support and we look forward to seeing many more photos and messages from our families this week.

Weekly Round Up!


Hello everyone and welcome to the Thursday weekly round-up J


It has been another creative week of home learning. I hope you continue to find a daily balance between learning and play. If you would like any tips or advice, then please contact your child’s class teacher.


The class DoJo has been a real hit and I have had lots of positive feedback about it from children and parents.


It is wonderful to see the collection of pebbles ‘growing’ next to the Happiness Tree. I have been lucky enough to catch up with a few families there and it has been lovely to see you.


As it has been National Teacher Week, I would like to recognise and send out my huge appreciation to all our teachers, support staff and parents - who are doing an amazing job at home with the children.


I am sure you are looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend. If you intend to put up your bunting and fly the British flag, have a beautiful sunny day. Whether you are planning a virtual chat with your families and friends, walking in the sunshine or relaxing at home, have fun!


Please enjoy the video posted below, the video speaks for itself and shares how we feel about our community.  


Take care and we look forward to seeing you back with us virtually on Monday.

Keep on caring, sharing and learning together. 

Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet

A Special Message to the Children of King's Court School

Still image for this video

King's Court Happiness Tree

Still image for this video

Happiness Tree 

Have you seen how many pebbles are at our Happiness Tree? It looks so wonderful. See the gallery below we will continue to update so check back to see all the new ones. 

Friday Weekly Round-up


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up 


We have now completed 4 weeks of home learning!  Well done everyone and keep going!


This week I would like to give a huge shout out to:


Ellie who ran 6.2km wearing her Rainbow uniform to show she cares.  This was part of the 2.6 or 26 challenge this week.  Feeling inspired, Ellie is fundraising for The Rainbow Trust – supporting families with a severely ill or terminally ill child.  If you would like to donate to such a worth-while cause, then, please follow the link below:


Mark & Shreya from Deer Class have both run 5km and pledged £5 for the NHS. An amazing effort!


Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details of how you can get involved with The 2.6 Challenge. 

Looking after you…


During this time, it’s important that we take care of our own and our families mental health. There are lots of things you can do. The link below shares Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.




We want to hear from you!  


We are here to look after you and one important way to do that is to talk to each other.  


Remember there are lots of ways to do this:


  • Email your class teacher details on your class page.
  • Send in a message via Class Dojo.
  • The office is open from 9.00-12pm for any queries or requests.
  • Email me via the school office and say hello, ask a question or share some news.


Have you checked out our NEW Facebook and Instagram pages?  Take a look and follow us.  


King’s Court First School @ KCFSchool on Facebook

King’s Court First School on Instagram


The early May Bank Holiday has been moved to Friday 8th May this year to coincide with Victory in Europe Day (VE day). This marks the 75th anniversary of the formal end of World War 2. Find out some more information about VE Day during your home learning next week. 


We are inviting you to spend some time preparing bunting and banners to decorate your homes to mark this important event. Have fun! Don't forget to send us a picture or share it with us on social media by adding

hashtag ChildrenofKCFS or tagging @Kingscourtfirstschool


Thank-you to everyone who has decorated a pebble so far for our Happiness Tree. These are sending a big community thank you the NHS staff who are working so hard to keep us safe. Find out further information by going to our Facebook or Instagram page. 


We are all missing you at King’s Court.  It has been lovely to continue to see some of our families around the local community.  The Old Windsor community is a wonderful place to work and I appreciate everything we are all doing at home and at school to support each other.


Keep on caring, sharing and learning together.  


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet








Easter Bonnet Parade

Try Making a Time Capsule This Weekend?

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up J


We have now completed 3 weeks of home learning!  Well done everyone. 


I would like to give a huge shout out to everyone who has sent in a picture of their Easter bonnet.  Every bonnet is unique and creatively thought through.  It is lovely to see you all smiling as you proudly wear your bonnet.  Well done everyone.  Keep practising for the BIG SING!


Looking after you…


Please remember that the learning needs to work for you and your family.  Our big message is that you do not need to complete all of the tasks on your class page.  Have fun and pick and choose from the range of reading, writing and maths and other activities.  Remember to keep your day active with lots of learning breaks and mindful activities to help us keep our minds calm.  Did you have a go at making a calm jar?  Posted on the Whole School Page on the 21st April!  If not, have a go.  Keep the afternoons relaxed and a time to go for a bike ride or be creative.  There are so many different activities to choose from on your class pages.  A few hours a day on a laptop is more than enough and there are so many other ways to learn.


We want to hear from you! 


There are many different ways to do this.


Email your class teacher on the class page.  We love seeing your pictures!

Send in a message via Class Dojo.

The office is open from 9.00-12pm for any queries or requests.

Email me via the school office and say hello.  I would love to hear from you!


We are here to look after you and one important way to do that is to talk to each other. 


Keep in touch!  Come and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



Follow us on Social Media...

Welcome back to the summer term 2020.


I hope you all had a restful Easter break and welcome to our very first remote summer term!

We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working, so I wanted to take the opportunity to say what an amazing job you’re doing supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning during this time.


It’s definitely been a strange and challenging time, so it’s okay if you and your child feel wobbly and worried at the moment. We’re here for you every step of the way as we figure this all out together. Remember, if you have any concerns about helping your child learn or you need any other support from the school, please let us know by contacting your child's class teacher via the class email on the school website or by emailing the school on kingscourt@rbwm.org.uk.


We miss the children very much, but we must follow the government’s guidance to keep everyone in our community safe. So, we’re carrying on with remote home learning on the school website and catering for key worker and vulnerable children in partnership with Eton College.  If your circumstances have changed in anyway, then please contact the school so we can support you.


But just because we’re not all in the same building, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together! Your children will have lots of activities they can get stuck into over the summer term – so keep a close eye on the school website for tips, ideas and activities to do at home.


We also love seeing the children’s fantastic learning at home – please keep sending their work in by taking a picture and sending via email, as we would like to showcase it on the website in due course.  Thank-you for all the pictures that you have sent in so far.  We are really enjoying keeping in touch with the children and your families.


We can’t say yet when we’ll be able to open the school fully, but rest assured that we’ll continue doing our utmost to keep your child learning and our school community connected.


Let’s get cracking with our summer term!


Warm regards, 


Sue Pye-Beraet



Mrs. Want has been very busy over the past few days.  She asked people to donate pots, soil and seeds on the WE LOVE OLD WINDSOR page.  We were really lucky because she had lots of responses from the people in the Old Windsor community who wanted to help us. 


Then, Mrs. Want started working hard to make the gardens and pathways at the front of our school look tidy and inviting for us when we can return to school.  I saw Mrs. Want yesterday and she had been working since 8:00 am to clear away leaves and pull up weeds.  She has planted seeds and plants for us to enjoy when they grow.  Today she has cleared 27 bags of leaves!


Have a look at the pictures posted below to see all the amazing things she has planted in pots!


THANK-YOU Mrs. Want for looking after our school and looking after us!


Clearing the Flower Beds and Planting Pots

Before and After

Friday 3rd April 


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday weekly round-up 


We have now completed 2 weeks of home learning and I hope that everyone is enjoying lots of the tasks the teachers have created for you on your class pages.  Remember to take lots of breaks and enjoy some fresh air.  I have really enjoyed seeing what you are all doing and reading the messages you are sending us.


Lucy from Hedgehogs class is certainly ready for our BIG SING after the Easter holidays.  Take some time to practise over the holidays as I am looking forward to seeing you join in with King’s Court’s BIG SING.  Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!


We are celebrating the birthdays this morning for children until the end of April.  We will post your certificate to you, so you don’t miss out.  

Happy Birthday Song

Let's sing Happy Birthday to all the birthday children at King's Court

The Above and Beyond certificates will feature in the afternoon update.  I can’t wait to see who it is!


As it is nearly the Easter holidays, I am giving everyone the afternoon off!  Please stop working at lunchtime today as we always finish early on a ‘big’ holiday.  So our Easter holidays start at 12pm TODAY!


This time is for you to spend with your family, to decorate eggs and eat Easter eggs (not too many at once)!  Take time to have a picnic in the garden or go for a walk.  The teachers have put up lots of Easter activity ideas on your class pages; have a look!  Try to spend as little time as you can on the computer or on an ipad, be creative and find something different to do. I would love to hear what you do…I have put a few ideas in the links below, one is to learn to spell your name using sign language – it’s fun, have a go!


As the weeks go by, it is important to remember everyone at King’s Court who is working hard to ensure that you have fun and creative activities to do at home.  The teachers are busy on the website updating your class pages or helping me in school. Our teaching assistants have also been coming into school to help our key worker children with their learning.  Mrs. Stainbank has been fantastic in the school office making sure your families have all the information they need.  Mr. Madden pops into school in the mornings and afternoons to check that everything is clean and safe.  Our other office staff work busily from home to make sure everything is in place.  Mrs. Want has come in everyday to play with the children at lunch time and Claire has prepared the lunches to ensure we have healthy food to keep us going through the day. 


School is very different at the moment and all the teachers and adults at King’s Court miss seeing you all.  The community spirit and team work that we are all showing is truly amazing and please take a little time to say ‘thank-you’ to your parents for helping you.


We need to give a round of applause to all of our parents and carers some of whom are also trying to work from home and help you with your homework.


Most of all I want to thank-you, the children of King’s Court who truly make our school special.  Keep on caring, sharing and learning together.  


Thank-you for being you!


Mrs. Pye-Beraet




Easter Bonnet Parade Gallery 

Over the Easter holiday we would like to challenge you to create an Easter bonnet for our virtual Easter Bonnet Parade. We understand that you will perhaps be limited to the resources that you have at home, so be as creative as you can!

Send in pictures of you in your bonnet so that we can add it to our gallery. 


Below is a link to the project page on key stage one class pages which has a useful video to help get your started.

Happy crafting! 

King's Court NHS Nightingale Gallery

Let's show our support for the NHS workers with our own King's Court Nightingale Ward Gallery. Email your beautiful, colourful picture to your class emails to be uploaded into our special gallery.  

Monday 30th March


Congratulations again to our Above and Beyond Winners last week. We look forward to hearing our next winners this Friday. We will also be having a big Birthday Celebration this week to celebrate everyone who has had a birthday since our last Above and Beyond Assembly in school. 


This week please continue to use all the resource updates on your class page. We would also love to see some clips of your BIG SING rehearsals. Lucy from Hedgehog Class has been rehearsing all week! Miss Fancy is very impressed by this talented young lady. 


We will announce the date for our BIG SING after the Easter Holidays so this gives you all time to practise the words and rehearse. 


Still image for this video

Friday 27th March 


Good afternoon King's Court.


This has been the most unusual week in education in my career so far and I commend all of you as parents for the amazing job you are doing to support your children's home learning. I have taken on many different roles this week, which has been enlightening and educational for me as a headteacher as I have a greater understanding of the hard work everyone puts in on a daily basis. The phrase, 'we are always learning' is so true.


I also have a huge thank-you for Miss. Fancy, who has been instrumental and an absolute star to me throughout this uncertain time. This has allowed me to strategically manage an almost impossible situation. I cannot thank her enough.


I echo this thanks for the rest of our staff team, who have been outstanding in every way. The acts of kindness, offers of help and commitment to the school have been excellent. I am so proud of our whole community and feel privileged as a headteacher to work for such an amazing school.


The children amaze me everyday. Our school based children have been utterly wonderful and I have enjoyed seeing what you have been doing at home. The teachers keep me updated with your positive comments and support for our school team. Our home based children are 'smashing this’! There have been some lovely messages on Facebook which have quite honestly kept me going at times.


We will continue and move forwards as the strong community we are and one which I am lucky to be a part of.




A finally note for today... 


Just a small thought for anyone thinking about what to do with their children at home and wondering how to entertain them. How about asking the children to draw some pictures and messages of support and thanks to all the NHS and key workers who are working so hard amid their own fears to keep us safe and healthy during such difficult time? We can then share photos of these on the class pages on the school website to show our support.


It was quite emotional to stand outside my door last night and clap the key workers along with so many others across Windsor and Old Windsor. At school we have been clapping our own key workers when they come to pick up the children. Words cannot express what outstanding courage and commitment they have for us all.


Stay safe, keep going.


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Tuesday 24th March

Good afternoon King's Court,



Today we are launching our King’s Court Big Sing!! We would like to share with you our school song:  We are the Writing Champions. Over the next two weeks we will all work on practising our


We are the champions of King’s Court song.


We have kick started rehearsals today at school. Find our launch video below along with the lyrics for you to get practising and to teach your family our school song. I have added the out-take, (the song which was recorded, but not used for the final version) to make you all smile. We will confirm the date of our BIG SING day shortly.


Happy singing!



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We are the Champions of King's Court

Monday 23th March

Dear Children,

It has been a very different start to our week today.  I hope you are busy learning and enjoying a range of activities at home.  Be good and listen hard, remembering to be ready, respectful and safe


This is a lovely poem by Louise Gribbins for you to read or share with an adult at home.


🌍 🌎 🌷 🌷 🌞 🌞


Rainbow Messages and Leaf Hanging Ornaments 

Take a look at the fabulous rainbows we have been creating at school! We are going to take these home and place these in our windows to send out a colourful, positive message to passers by and spread some happiness.