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26th January

This week in English we have added a new SPaG skill to our story writing which has been writing exclamation sentences. We have talked about that these are sentences that tell us something with a strong feeling or emotion attached to it. We have also been practicing starting our sentence with the words 'what' or 'how'


We have practiced our other SPaG skills from previous weeks to incorporate into our exclamation sentences in our writing. We have based these on our writing topic which is all around the story 'How to train your Dragon'


Below is a short video clip that includes a battle scene of 2 dragons. Please get the children to watch the clip and jot down any ideas that they have about what they are doing and how some of the characters might be feeling. They are then going to use these ideas to build a sentence choosing one of the challenges below:


Bronze- to use an adjective and punctuate correctly with an !

Eg: What a lucky catch Toothless made!


Silver- to use an adverb and punctuate correctly with an !

Eg: How quickly the dragons fly through the air!


Gold- to join 2 ideas together with a conjunction and punctuate correctly with an !

Eg: What an amazing speed that Toothless managed to fly at!


Please can you make sure the children practice their King's Court script when writing out their sentences using a pencil.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Dragon vs. Dragon Scene

How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon vs. Dragon: Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless fight the monstrous Red Death dragon that rules over the dragon nest.