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20th May

We have been working hard on revising some strategies for calculation- particularly for subtract/take away. We have been practicing counting in 10s forwards and backwards from any number and using this to help us take away multiples of 10. 


For example: 56 - 30 =

First we have been using the first number to write our own number line of counting back in 10s like this

56  46  36  26  16  6

Then we look at how many 10s we are taking away (3 tens as the number is 30) so we take 3 jumps back on our number line

56  46  36  26

So the answer is 26


if we are taking away 10s and 1s we do the same strategy as above to take away the tens then whatever the answer is we take the 1s away from that like this:


56 - 33 =

56  46  36  26     (-30)

26  25  24  23   (-3)

So the answer is 23


Please could the children practice the subtraction questions that we have attached using the strategies shown above.


Many Thanks for your continued support