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1st March

Monday 1st March 

Today we will be taking a look at Meerkats and researching more information about their characteristics, habitats and other animals who might also live in the desert. Take a look at the powerpoint, fact file and information below to begin learning more about Meerkats and where they live. 


For your activity today, let's have a go at brainstorming all of the facts you have learnt about Meerkats. You could even begin to create your own sub-headings within your brain-storm!



Bronze: To use my phonics to write a sentence about a meerkat. 

Silver: To write 5 facts about a meerkat

Gold: To create sub-headings for my facts

Tuesday 2nd March 
Today, we are going to begin planning our fact files about meerkats. Which non-fiction features could you use to write your fact file? What is a heading? What is a sub-heading? How could you separate the information into sections? e.g. habitats, Meerkat's diet, interesting facts etc. 


Bronze: To use my phonics to write 3 sentences

Silver: To organise my plan into headings and sub-headings

Gold: To organise my plan into headings, sub-headings and captions

Wednesday 3rd March
Today we're going to use our plans from yesterday to write fact files about meerkats. Let's try to use headings, sub-headings and captions to give details about meerkats and their characteristics. Please remember to keep using your capital letters and full stops in each of your sentences.

Bronze: To join my sentences using 'and'. 

Silver: To write an introduction and first section about meerkats.

Gold: To write an introduction and two sections under sub-headings. 

Thursday 4th March 
World Book Day
Friday 5th March