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19th January

This week in our writing, we have been looking at extending our sentences by joining 2 ideas together. the conjunctions we have been working on are if, that, because and when


This week there are some challenges below to continue to practice this skill. If the children choose Bronze, an adult will need to cut the sentences up and jumble them up before the children attempt to put them back together correctly.


It would be really lovely if the children were able to write their own sentences using the topic of Dragons as this will be the main character in our own story writing.


An example of a sentence with a conjunction may look like this.


The fire-breathing dragon flew back to his cave when it started to get dark.


Some of the children were experimenting with putting the conjunction at the front of their sentence like this:


If there is no hunting to do, the lazy dragon will rest.


I have attached an adjectives sheet for some ideas on how to describe the dragon. It would be really lovely if they were able to identify the types of words they are using in the sentence as we have worked on this a lot in class by asking these types of questions:


What does the dragon look like? (adjectives)

What are they doing? (verb)

How are they doing it? (adverb)